Oh Deer!

Greetings from the forest

This week has been a wildlife extravaganza!  Turkey galore.  Deer a plenty.  And apparently the weather has cooled off enough for the elk to come out to play.  The other morning, Max was barking like a fool at the living room door.  I went to see what was bothering him and much to my surprise this very handsome buck was just watching Max bark his fool head off.  He knew Max was inside I guess and wasn’t able to get out to chase him.  Isn’t he amazing!

Then a little while later, while Mr. Deer was still hanging around, guess the grass/weeds were yummy, I saw him staring down a ravine right below my patio.  I didn’t want to go out on the patio and scare him away so I went upstairs and saw this amazing cow elk.  Not the best photos I know but without going outside it was hard to capture her with just my phone camera.  I’ve never seen an elk up close and boy was she close.

After awhile big mouth Max annoyed them enough with his barking that they moved on.

Fast forward to about 9 pm that night.  I let the dogs out and they ran right to the fence.  Didn’t bark, just stood there with their noses through the fence.  Odd.  It was dark and I couldn’t see past the fence line which wasn’t good and I knew something was out there. Well then I heard the distinct sound of crunching.  I thought oh please let it be a deer and not a bear!  But then almost on cue the most thunderous sound of big animals running right past us and down the ravine.  It sounded like a herd of elephants.  Dogs went nuts barking and running the fence line.  Oh boy.  I got both dogs in and took a deep breath.  Once I heard the running, breaking of sticks and brush I knew it was elk so I wasn’t frightened.  Just in awe.  Obviously I need to replace the batteries in my headlamp so I can see out father than the patio!!  They’ll be back, but if it’s that late there will be no photos, I’m sorry.

So I’ll keep watching for animals to take their pictures to share with you.  In the meantime there are these two…

Have a great day!!



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