It had been a long time…

Greetings from the Forest

Goodness how times flies.  My last post was Thanksgiving.  Well here I am now so lets catch up.

We had a relatively dry winter with only a couple of snow storms unless spring hit and we’ve had two lovely storms.  Lovely because our forest was so very dry you could hear the trees giggling when the snow started.  Here are a couple of pictures of happy trees and happy dogs.


Spring has sprung and the animals are out and about.  Turkey mating season is upon us, or I guess upon the turkey.  Nothing prettier than a male turkey strutting his stuff.  Here is a photo taken by a friend of two turkey trying to impress the ladies!


The deer have lost their antlers and so its tough to tell if it’s a group of doe or buck hanging around but they are hanging around.  There are 8 that visit my home almost daily.  I think to drive the dogs crazy! lol.

FullSizeRender 2

Soon the garden will be a focus of this blog but I cannot plant until after Memorial Day and the last freeze.  The window sill is full of little plants so I’m getting ready. Zucchini, tomatoes and spinach! Oh a a bit of celery as well.  Salad or a bloody mary anyone?


So I’ll leave this catch up blog on the same puppy dog note – Max and Ollie are doing just fine.  I’ll be in touch soon…..


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