Spring snow!

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Greetings from the forest

So the one thing I learned very early on when moving to Southern Colorado is that the weather is very unpredictable. Beautiful, but unpredictable. While the rest of the country is in full spring mode with flowers blooming and grass growing we in the Southern Colorado mountains just had a major snow storm. Some areas up to 20” of snow! Roads closed, apparently the Walmart parking lot turned into a makeshift campground for those who could not make it over the closed Raton pass.   Personally I’ve not seen that much snow (I say that after every big snow) and the drifts were 3 and 4 feet. Fortunately the day after the big storm the temps were in the 40’s and 50’s and now a few days after we are swiftly approaching 75!! Dare I say that might have been our last snow storm for the winter? Maybe it was and maybe it wasn’t.



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The moisture from this very wet snow is appreciated by those who live in the forest and are perhaps inconvenienced by muddy slick roads. Come summer it will have been worth the trouble considering any moisture helps with the fire danger.

So now the iris can continue growing and perhaps the garden project looks more promising. The last frost is normally around Memorial Day so no planting until after that but we’re only a few weeks away and I for one am excited. I did have a bit of a plant debacle – I found some mint growing in town at a rental and picked it, brought it home and put it in water to root. Now I know mint is one of those plants that just takes over but I had a perfect place for the ground cover to do its thing. Then a friend, who lives in Arizona and not our forest said “um Lanae do bears like mint”? Well I’d never thought of that, I was just focused on the ugly bare spot having green and yummy smelling mint. Sadly I won’t be planting my mint right by the house because yup it is a favorite of the bears. Guess I need to pay better attention to my choice of landscaping.

I want to talk about shooting. Yes shooting. Just about 20 minutes from me, across the New Mexico border is the NRA Whittington Center. Now understand this is not any sort of political statement. I am not an advocate of the NRA. However, their center in New Mexico is some 33,000 acres with huge amounts of open space, several different types of ranges for safe and enjoyable shooting and the gift shop is pretty cool too. I went there with two friends, one being a fire arms instructor so it was a needed learning experience for me, the non-shooter. The other friend (Annie Oakley) is a great shooting talent and much fun. Yes, I own a gun but I never liked it, was never comfortable even looking at it let alone shooting the darn thing (which I’d done once). With the opportunity of my two dear friends letting me shoot and try out different fire arms, I now have a new appreciation for being a gun owner and I found a gun I really like (another blog perhaps). Thank you girls for such a fun and enjoyable day out in the sunshine!

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On that note, I’ll close wishing you all a very happy spring!

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One thought on “Spring snow!”

  1. Beautiful photos and sentiments. It may comfort you to know the Whittington center is no longer associated with the NRA😃


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