Spring now Summer is finally here!!

Greetings from the forest

Spring has finally arrived and now the temperatures feel like summer.  The weather, albeit warm, is beautiful.  Occassional afternoon rains even hail, sunny mornings, cool evenings.  What more could we ask for living in this beautiful area?!! And because of our spring moisture everything is so green and lush!!

IMG_2496 (1)


The animals are out in full force.  Mating season has begun for many of the forest animals, or so I’m told.  The turkeys are still strutting but I think their mating is over.  Just strutting for strutting sake I guess.  But that is ok because they are beautiful when all puffed up.  I saw elk the other day just below my house.  They are strangely majestic creature.  Kind of odd-looking but pretty at the same time.  And huge!  On the other side of our community a mountain lion took down an elk.  I just find that amazing. Male elk get up to 750 pounds and females over 500.  I know mountain lions are large and strong and fast (and scary) but wow.  This elk I saw the other day…


The deer visit every other day or so.  Because of all the rain we have an abundance of natural grasses and they love it.  Here is one that just happened by the other morning, look at those furry antlers.


And with spring and the rain come the weeds.  It is a hobby this time of year to try to keep the weed population under control.  I find it a losing battle but I keep trying.

In the morning there is a crispness in the air, especially after an evening of rain.  It is damp, the smell is clean, and you know the animals and the trees are just happy.  The chipmunks are back out in force driving poor Max crazy.  They sit just far enough away from the fence and tease him.  Some day Max believes he’ll catch one.  Dreamer.

We went shooting again!!  I had a gun that I brought from Arizona with me, which I hated.  Never got used to it and so never used it.  It was stored in a book bag in the back of my clothes closet.  Yup, I figured if a bad guy came to the door I’d ask him to hold on while I got my bag and clobbered him with it.  Truth!  But, after going and shooting a number of guns at Whittington NRA Center in Raton NM (30 minutes away) I found a gun I really liked.  Well as fate would have it I managed to get this gun and have gone shooting a few times. What a difference having the right gun makes.  Now if a bad guy comes to my door, he’s probably history. lol.  Not sure I’m that brave but you get my point.  And I’ve now found out that shooting is super fun and a great stress reliever.


And of course –


Until next time best wishes from the Forest.

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