It has been so long.

I can’t believe I haven’t written since June of last year.  Well actually I can believe it.  Life has been a proverbial roller coaster since then.  Here’s the short version –

In June of last year I started on another chemo drug.  Every 3 weeks I went to Pueblo for 2 days for treatment.  It was much stronger than previous drugs I’ve had so the idea was to put me into remission for a year. The treatments were short but I wasn’t able to drive so depended on a great group of friends to ferry me to and fro.   Unfortunately my insurance doesn’t see the need for a PET scan now that I finished (in October) so we did a CAT scan and that showed improvement but not remission.  So we wait…..

In the middle of all this chaos, my sister had a decline in her health.  Recently I was told by the assisted living here in Trinidad where she has lived for 2 years that she needed to be moved in the next two months.  They were just unable to deal with her disease. Well if that didn’t throw a wrench into everyday life.  I was lucky enough to find a senior advisor to help find a place that would take lewy body dementia and eventually medicaid.  Not a good combo.  There was one facility but unfortunately it’s in Colorado Springs, 2 hours away.  But, it is worth it.  They know how to treat those with the disease.  Lots of activities!! Kind, caring and educated staff.  Secure environment and they specialize in memory care. I moved her last week.  Again with the help of dear friends who came along to distract and give moral support.  It was a sad event and not one I’d wish on anybody but it is for the best.  I now talk to Deb every other day and will be going to see her weekly.  It’s a big adjustment from 2-3 phone calls from her a day and 2-3 visits a week.  Again, they’re keeping her busy at the new facility. I pray she has quality of life now.

Ok, enough of that.  Here’s what is happening in the forest.  Nothing!!!  Little to no snow so far and its scary.  The trees are so dry.  We are praying for one hell of a spring snow storm or two.

The other day when I went to the dumpster, one had been tipped over and trash was strewn about.  Guess the bears are not hibernating when its 60 degrees out!!

As always, here are a few photos –


Mr. Deer with his broken leg.  He’s still hanging around.




Just a dusting. It was gone the next day.



And it wouldn’t be my blog without Max and Ollie!!




Blessings from the forest.  I’ll be back soon.


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