Rain/Snow Dance

Greetings from the Forest

You know you’re desperate for rain or snow when you find yourself googling rain dance! Denver got snow.  We did not.  Cottonwood Az got snow.  We did not.  Prescott Az got snow.  We did not.  Come on, lets all do a collective rain (or snow) dance and let the powers know we need, want and would appreciate some moisture!

My herb garden so lovingly planted by Jeanie and Kelly is doing well in my house.  It seems very happy.  So much so that I went ahead and planted my garden seeds yesterday.   I only planted tomatoes, lettuce and baby arugula but that’s a start.  If nothing else I can have salad!  But, once we do get to spring weather with milder nights I’ll get some peppers in the garden outside.  Hopefully my timing is better this year.  Last year I was so excited I planted seeds in January and had a full fledge garden on my window sill waiting to be put into the ground. Perhaps this year my timing will be spot on and my garden will thrive.




We’ve had visitors of the 4 legged type lately.  The big buck with the limp (from running from a mountain lion we believe because he had scratches on his side) is still hanging around and I’m so happy he is.  There were a couple of skeptical people saying he wouldn’t make it when he was hobbling around but the good news is he is still here and visiting us.



So that’s the news for now.  Please send rain our way if you’re getting any.

And of course,


Love from the forest.

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