Extreme Fire Danger

Greetings from our very dry forest

When I was about 3 years old my parents used to camp.  They had a trailer they pulled behind Dad’s truck and would go up to Christopher Creek or Tonto Creek in northern Arizona and camp.  I don’t remember much about that.  One summer, while Mom was on vacation Dad took us up to a camp area outside of Tonto Creek and left us there with Mom, my sisters, myself and the family dog.  Mom had her car so we could go into town to get groceries.   Dad went back to the valley to work and came up on the weekends.  There was a forest fire.  It was moving fast.  Toward where we were camped.  Mom left us, went into Tonto Creek to call Dad to come get us.  On her way back to the camp spot she passed her trailer being pulled by a forest ranger who also had her 3 girls and the dog.  Like I said, I don’t remember this event, but Linda and Deb had their versions of the story and I heard it so many times.  Obviously we were safe but it was something that stays with me.

So here it is, I live in the forest.  We have had little moisture over the winter and barely any rain.  Our area, Southern Colorado is in extreme drought.  Recently there was a fire in northern New Mexico.  A wake up call for me.  Get your important papers together and have a plan.  Now there is a fire 40 miles from us, the Spring Fire.  Roaring out of control.  40,000+ acres and zero containment.  Our community is stepping up.  Moving animals to Trinidad’s fair grounds, taking in pets at the local animal shelter, gathering supplies for the firefighters. It has been so hot the poor firefighters are having heat stroke, according to the ambulance district which is running ragged as well.  We pray for rain.  For the firefighters. For our neighbors safety.  And yes, my evacuation box is packed although no surprise here, the most important thing in my house to get out is Max and Ollie.

It is part of living amongst the trees.  A chance we take.  But when it is happening it just sucks.

Please ask the universe to look kindly on our area and if you pray, please pray for our forest, our neighbors, the animals and for rain.  Lots of rain.



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